Complete the most important task first!

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I went back down to Garfield for a couple of days.  I had a great time and got a bunch down on the farm.  It was Mamma’s birthday so it was a great to be there with her. 

I was doing a little yard work yesterday at home.  One of the things me and the boys were doing was getting up leaves.  I needed to go get a tarp in the garage.  On the way I saw something that needed putting up so I stopped and did it.  Then I saw something else on the way and stopped and did it.  When I got to the garage I had to back the golf cart out and noticed that  a couple of the tires needed pumping up so I did that.  By this time I was thinking to myself that if i didnt stay focused on the job at hand (getting up leaves) I might not ever finish the job I started.  And I did go ahead and get back and finish the leaves.  So this got me to thinking. 

I have a tendency to be easily interrupted while on task sometimes.  Just like with the leaves yesterday, I recognized that I would not finish the job if I didnt get back on target.  I had already seen other things that needed to be done while I was pumping up the tires.  One thing I have realized and have to constantly remind myself of is that there will always be more things to do.  And yes it is important to do those things that need doing, but you have to be careful about getting caught up and distracted while finishing that thing that is most important at the time.

That is one of my goals on our journey to FINISH STRONG this year:  Stay Focused and Finish my top 2 projects.  There are other things I am sure I will get done, but not at the cost of not doing my 2 most important projects.  ANd that is what you are going to have to do too.  Remember it only takes doing a few basic things consistently to see big changes in your health.  So set your 1, 2, or3 most important goals for Finishing Strong, then stick to them.  Dont get DISTRACTED by other things.  Even if those other things may seem to help you, make sure they dont get your focus off the main thing/s.


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