My daddy’s story, one part, a big part

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 I was looking thru my Bible just now and found a card from when my dad went on home to heaven.  It was one of those cards they give out at funerals that tells a little about the person’s life.  It’s funny how the card had all the particulars such as his family and his job, but of course that did not tell his story.  And yeh i got a little sad when i picked it up and read it as it brought back some of those feelings that i had during that time.  And yes I still get sad some times and even have a good ole cry sometimes when I think of my dad, but I quickly remember where he is now, in heaven because I know he knew Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour.

The main thing I started thinking about when I was reading thru the card was good memories of my dad.  My dad was a good daddy.  He loved his kids and he went way out of his way in order to do right by us, to provide for us, and to help us as much as he possibly could even after we left his “home.”  I never had been, and still am not, one who will spend much time at all with anyone talking about my problems.  I know it won’t do much good and in most cases it does no good.  My dad was always checking on my and asking how everything was going.  And he knew that I wouldnt tell him much anyway, but he always told me: “Now son, you know if you ever need to tell me anything or need my help you know I will be there.”  He pretty much knew odds were I would not call on him, but being that he was a good daddy he wanted to make sure that I always remembered that he was always there for me.  And that right there is a big chunk of my daddy’s story!  He was a good daddy.

I see it the same with our heavenly father.  Of course we all know that God our Father is a good daddy, and that He is way more than any human daddy could ever be.  But inside of any “good” human daddy is the Heavenly Father.  My daddy and his love for me shown in one way by his ever concern for me and his earnest desire for me to always know that he would be there for me and that I could always count on him to be there when I needed him.  So in the same way, but with Godly perfection, God our daddy is there for you and me.  He is ever caring for us and always wants you and me to understand 100% that He is right there with us and for us.  All we have to do is call on HIM, know that HE is a good daddy, and know that He will help us.


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  1. Hey KJ….. Read your story about your Dad. He sure was an excellent Dad. I sure wish i had a Dad like that. My Dad was a Step-Dad and i would have to talk to about him, Sometimes he would be good but most of the time not. Anyway, after i found my real Dad it was to late for he had passed away in 1975. I found my other family in 1997 and that’s another story. As you said we do have another Father which is our true Father that knew us before we were born and that’s our Heavenly Father. Ok catch you later.
    Love your brother…….Buck

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