Beach Diet Update. My friend’s real life health issue from Stress!!

This is a pic of LeAnne’s lunch today.  This follows along with our “Beach Diet” that I told you about.  Here is waht is in the bowl: grilled chicken, cucumbers, onions, peppers, spinach, tomatoes, blueberries.  Oh yeh, the vegetables came from her dad’s garden, + some from our GARDEN!  Nothing like some good ole fresh summer time vegetables. 

I told you that if i got enough comments on the post from yesterday about the “Beach Diet” then I would give you the diet.  Well, we got a whole lot of responses so I will post the diet this week asap.  I also will include our “Nutrition Tips” that people have been sending me.  As I said yesterday, this “Beach Diet” is powerful, effective, and doable by anyone.  Yes it is pretty strict, but it is only for 2 weeks.  ANd let me go ahead and tell you that this is not a 1 stop thing here.  This is only something that is set up to give you quick results and to help you to literally “Take control of the foods you are eating.”  So it will be extremely important for you to plan to follow this plan up with a very good long term Eating plan.  And yes I will help you with that too.  So be looking for that coming this week!!!

Here is the real topic for the day:  Stress and health.  Let me give you real life true story just brought to me this morning.  I know you know that stress causes physical harm to your body, and I know you hear me talk about it a lot.  Still, please read this and see just how powerful this is.  I have a friend who I have known for 10+ years now.  Over the last 4-5 years, he has experienced much “INFLAMMATION” throughout his body.  He is consistently tight and in pain, and many times to the point of very restricted mobility.  We have discussed the “stress” issue over the years and he realizes that it definitely adds to the problem.  He also owns his own business and has dealt with much stress for many years, especially the last several years.  He had a family situation last week and was gone out of town for the whole week.  He knew he had to leave “work” behind and focus on being there for the family.  He said he only had 1 or 2 ‘work” related calls during the whole week and they were just basic work “check-ups”.   He and his wife noticed towards the end of the week that his “mobility” was extremely better.  He also had been taking prescription pain killers for months and had not needed the first one the whole week.  As soon as he got back into town he immediately switched to “work” mode and started thinking about all the things that “had to” get done.  The things “he” had to make happen.  Immediately the pain and immobility came back!!  Now of course there could be other issues, but I would bet that 90% if not 100% of the problem lies in the STRESS he faces and how he deals with it.  Now I too dont always deal with stress how I should.  So I am in no way judging him.  And for him the negative effects of all this stress show up in a big way. 

Realize that just like my friend, stress / fear reaks havoc in your body.  And if not dealt with correctly, it will cause much harm sooner or later.  So take a lesson and recognize that stress must not be “managed” by handled and done away with.  The Word of God is the only way to learn how to deal with it.  The Word of God is clear that we are not to stress.  No probably none of us have perfected that yet, but we have been given specific instructions to do so, and we have been empowered completely by Jesus Christ to do so.  And that is fact, jack!


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