Here is my lunch i ate today.  As you can tell it is half eaten.  I was right in the middle of enjoying this great delicious and nutritious meal when I thought of you and that you mite like to see what I was eating today.  It was a Turkey roll- turkey breast, 1 slice chees, tsp mayo, mustard, homemade gaucomole – whole avocado, sliced tomatoe, sea salt, pepper, and of course good ole water.

I thought of sending you this pic since I am going to fulfill the request for giving you our BEACH DIET.  Here is the diet.  Remember this is very strict for 2 weeks and this is only a “short term diet.”  And at the same time many of the principles applied during this 2 week process should be carried over for your long term eating habits.  And please realize this is not a “comprehensive” diet.  This is only something real quick and easy that I came up with for LeAnne for a 2 week period for quick results.  You decide if this is for you or not.  Your choice.


 This is a short term, 2 week, diet that calls for Strict Adherence for the full 2 weeks.  This is not intended for long term use, but many of the principles you apply during the 2 weeks you should carry over to your long term “renewed” nutritional habits.

 You can make any adjustments needed or wanted.  Realize that any adjustments will make the diet less effective, in most cases.

*If you suffer from any sickness or disease such as Diabetes, Heart disease, and or on prescription medication, you must consult with your physician before starting this diet.

 Make sure to have a “follow up” plan for after the 2 weeks of this diet.  It is almost useless to follow this strict of a diet and then go back to poor eating habits.

 Your #1 objective should be to use this diet to help you to make long term positive changes with your nutrition by “taking control” of food quantity and quality.


The Few Simple Guidelines

 Eat 4-5 meals / Day

  • No Grains, No Potatoes, No Beans
  • Strictly Limit Dairy
    • (at most 1 / day – 1 slice chees or 4oz whole milk or ½ cup whole yogurt)
    • Strictly Limit Sugar (including fruit, fruits = 1 serv / day max)
    • Foods to Eat = Meats, Vegetables, Eggs, Nuts, Whey Protein, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Drink Water only

 Basic Guide

All you have to do is follow the above guidelines plus this daily layout and you have it:

 Breakfast = Whey protein shake w/ added ingredients

Or eggs with fruit  Or Meal Replacement Shake (I recommend one with 15+ grms of protein, 4+ grms Fat, max of 15 grm Carbs, No artificial sweeteners

 Lunch & Dinner = 1-2 serv meat & 3+ serv vegetables

 Snacks (1-2 / day) = handful of mixed Nuts, or Whey Protein w/ ice and water, or small serv (small individual packet) of whole yogurt w/ ½ handful mixed nuts

 Vegetables can be Raw, lightly steamed, sautéed, or grilled.  Cook minimum to retain more nutrients.

  • Local “free range” Eggs the best


Sample Daily Plan

 Meal 1

20+grm whey protein, 1-2 tsp coconut oil, 5 frozen strawberries, add water & blend


2-3 eggs, ½ cup blueberries


Meal 2

Salad – 1-2 chicken breast, 1 serv spinach, 1 serv sliced tomatoes, 1 serv cucumber, 1 serv nuts


6+oz turkey breats, 1 slice cheese, 1 tsp mayo (turkey roll), 1-2 serv turnip/collard greens


Meal 3

Handful of mixed nuts


20+ grm whey protein, add water, ice and blend or shake


Meal 4

1-2 cow / deer / buffalo burger, 1 serv squash, 1 serv zucchini, 1 serv bell peppers


1-2 serv fish, 1 serv cauliflower, 1 serv broccoli, 1 serv kale


Remember this is set up so that most anyone can follow.  It is very simple, and yes very strict.  The goal here is not to “starve” the body.  So if you are not used to eating these types of good foods, then once you cut out your “normal” foods you must do a great job of adding in enough of the good foods, especially Vegetables.  Most people have Grain,

Potato, Processed food rich diets.  There of course will be a reduction of calories, but you must make sure you don’t “starve” yourself.  Eat the Amount of food you need to, of the given foods.  Yes you will be hungry, but most likely if you are following the program as prescribed it will not be because your body is truly nutrient hungry, just craving those “bad” foods it is used to getting. 

So again, you make the adjustments you need to.  And again, you can change it anyway you feel you need to, but for best results follow it as prescribed.  Do not make this complicated.  It really is very simple if you will follow the guidelines, and yes it will require determination from you.  The goal is to “GET CONTROL OF YOUR NUTRITION” over these 2 weeks, and along the way by doing so and sticking it out, you will most likely get noticeable results as far as the way you Feel and Look!



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  1. Looking forward to getting started! Thanks for sharing – the recipe with Shrimp & Veggies is on the menu!!! Sounds YUMMY! 🙂

  2. Oh BTW – I have shared with a couple of my workout buddies!!! They are starting it Monday!

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