I sent out a pic several months ago of the boys and Lucy in her cage.  Well she is all grown up, and the boys have grown some too, so the cage is pretty much slap full.  The boys love their little Lucy and she loves them.  It is so fun to see them grow up with her and how they do love each other!!

We put on a Nutrition Seminar today at one of our companies.  We covered several topics and one of them being “Calories” and Calorie counting.  The whole “calorie” thing can be very misleading.  I believe that to “count calories” can help someone in several ways, but it is not the answer to the whole Nutrition problem that most face.  The Calorie thing basically tells us how much energy a certain food supposedly renders in the body.  And the general idea is “a calorie is a calorie.”  Well this is far from the truth.  All calories are not created equal.  You can take 2 different foods with the same exact total “calories” and most would say well they will render the same amount of energy in the body therefore they are equal.  Well even if they do render the same amount of energy, it still does not mean that they have the same “TOTAL” effect in the body.  Food causes so many different reactions, good or bad, in the body, and just because foods may have the same calories, they may have tremendously different effects. 

So while yes “counting calories” can be a good thing and a useful tool in improving your nutrition, make sure and dont fall into the trap of thinking that just because you are lowering your overall calories automatically means you are doing good!!  Make sure that if you are “lowering” your calories, you are also adding in HIGHER QUALITY foods that will have a powerful and EXPONENTIALLY good effect in the body for healing, health, strength, etc. 


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