You are “new” every 9 months! True!

jptoycarGB DW (daily workout)

Max Reps n 6 minutes: Jump Rope


Max Distance n 6 minutes: Run / Jog


Max Burpees n 6 minutes!!

This is one of my favorite pics.  I know I have posted it before but for some reason just felt like posting it up for you again!  My little man, JP, took it on himself to but his “helmet” on while riding in his car.  Good stuff!

You know I guess one reason I love this pic so much is that it reminds me how much he is growing up and changing.  All of us are “changing” everyday.  Most science says that overall it takes about 9 months on the average and your whole body has “recreated”.  Now that “recreated” body can be 1 of 3 things: 1. The same level of health, good or bad; 2. Better Health; 3. Worse Health.  Now of course we all want #2: Better Health.  And of course we have to realize and make the conscience decision to do Positive things that will lead to a Healthier Body! 

The main “take home” point I want you to get is that your body is changing and or RECREATING everyday.  And it takes a while for the new you to show up, physically.  Either way though, eventually that new you will show up and that new you is going to be determined by the consistent changes you make or dont make.  And realize that a few positive changes can add up big time, especially when you look at in light of the fact that your body will be all new in approximately 9+ months. 

You may get tired of me saying it and or you may not believe it is true, but it absolutely is true that A FEW SIMPLE POSITIVE CHANGES IN YOUR EXERCISE, NUTRITION, THOUGHTS, AND WORDS Can make a HUGE IMPACT in your health over time!!  So choose to take that as TRUTH for You and Your Health.  Start Today making a few Better, Wiser health choices!!


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