Mamma’s Wisdom. What she taught me on her B-Day!

mama86GB DW (daily workout)

Movement Stretches x 8 each

Run / Jump Rope 10 minutes

Check out Mamma at 86 years awesome!!  She is a beautiful, wise, and amazing woman.  She is a rock.  I have watched her for my 41 years of life, and I have always seen “steady”,  “consistent”, and amazing wisdom and LOVE from her.   HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMMA!!

I decided last minute tuesday night to go down to Garfield yesterday to surprise Mamma for her birthday.  I am so glad I did.  I got some work down while down there, plus of course got to spend some quality time with Mamma and my mom!  I was sitting at Mamma’s and she starting talking about something: LOVE.  She said “honey if we could just all LOVE one another and let Love rule our lives, we would not have all this trouble, wars, fighting, confusion, etc.”  And she went on to say more about LOVE.  I thought, now there is some great wisdom.  And man we can all learn from Mamma’s wisdom here.  LOVE.  THis is the #1 thing.  Think about this:

God is Love.  Love is God.

Love always expects good. 

Love always helps.

Love is always a Giver.

Love is not a thing.  Love is a “being”. 

Wrapped up inside of Love is all of God’s best, all of His Blessing for you and for me.  The more we focus on HIS LOVE for us, and the fact that HE is LOVE, the more we realize that LOVE is also just who we are.  We may not act like it sometimes.  We may not feel like it sometimes.  That does not change the Truth that LOVE is in us, and because of LOVE (God) we have been literally SAVED.  From that LOVE that is in us, that is really who we are, comes abundant health, Faith, redemption, Peace, favor, protection, and all of HIS Blessing!

Focus on LOVE.  You have to first know that HE is LOVE.  And if HE is in you, then all of LOVE is in you!  From within you, LOVE abounds and comes out through your life.  This LOVE that is in you, produces HIS abundance in your life and radiates out to awesomely affect others!!



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