Do This with Exercise and MAKE BETTER IMPROVEMENTS

wout26GB DW (daily workout)

Movement Stretches x 10

50r, 50l Superman (either from a pushup position, on hands and knees, or on stability ball)

50/100 Squats

Check out some of our GB athletes doing some Bag Carries!  YOu may have seen this pic before, but I wanted to share it with you again to remind you that IT IS OK TO TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT, when it comes to Exercise.  If you have been doing “the same stuff” for a long time and have not made the progress you want to make, then take a break from the old, and TRY SOMETHING NEW! 

Keeping things CHANGED UP, with a lot of variety is a great way to improve your fitness.  Even if you enjoy what you are doing, keep doing that same thing, just cut back on the volume and add in something Different.  In most cases, when you do this, your body usually responds in a way such that it improves in overall fitness. 

**Since I have been coaching people in health and life improvement, I have seen many different things.  I have come to learn that in most cases, there are NO ABSOLUTES.  (The only thing I know for sure that is ABSOLUTE is the WORD!)  Now I have seen people that consistently do the same workout routine over and over for years.  And they were very fit, and very pleased with the results that their “same old” program was producing.  But now that has been a very low percentage of people.  So you just have to decide where you fit on this scale.  If you are not pleased with your results, then change things up, and keep them changed up!  Keep the body guessing and constantly having to “overcome” new challenges, therefore forcing the body to have to adapt and improve in some if not all areas of fitness.  **And remember when adding in New Stuff, make sure you dont OVERDO it, and make sure you are doing the New Stuff CORRECTLY!


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