New “lower” Sugar Nutrition Bars taste Great!

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100 Jumpin / Power Jacks

This is a picture of the new Nutrition Bars I prefer now.  I have used the “Kind” brand for a while now, and have just started eating this particular kind the most over the last couple of months.  The main reason is because of the LOW SUGAR content.  As best as I can remember, KIND brand has always carried high quality Nutrition Bars, so I always count on the overall Quality of the ingredients.  Now they offer a very HIGH QUALITY ingredient, great tasting, and even lower Sugar BAR! 

If you have been in touch with us here at GB for a little while now, you know that I have long promoted using NUTRITION BARS as a means of improving your diet, and therefore your Health.  No, Nutrition Bars are not made to totally replace good high quality whole fruits and veggies.  And Yes, it would be best if all of us did eat truly whole organic, locally grown fruits and veggies everyday.  Lets get real though: MOST OF US AINT GONNA DO IT.  And even though that most likely would be the best, we dont have to just “throw in the towel” if we can not, or will not, follow that “Best” diet plan.  And that is where something like Nutrition Bars comes in very handy. 

Another thing you have likely heard me comment on before that bares repeating is: Most Nutrition Bars are crap!  Yep I said it, and it is true.  Most of them are probably no better than eating a regular ole candy bar!  The “nutrient profile” may look good as far as carbs, proteins, and fats, but the quality of the ingredients in many cases is very poor.  So if you are going to use Nutrition Bars to help improve your daily diet, make sure you get some HIGH QUALITY ones.  The 2 main companies I recommend for High Quality Nutrition Bars are:

Cliff Bar & Kind

I am sure there are many more, but in my experience, these 2 brands are top on my list because they offer high quality ingredients, good taste, good price, and good availability.  So try some of the new KIND bars with the lower sugar content at 5 grams per bar! *I buy mine at Kroger.


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