Many companies and their leaders understand that helping their employees to take control of their health and lives is an important factor in employee production, retention, and overall company health care costs.

We have been blessed to provide services for companies that enable them to help their employees to improve their health and lives.  The following are testimonies from leaders of two of our Corporate Clients that we have been working with for several years:


Tee Green, President – Greenway Medical Technologies

“I chose the God-Built program for our team after personally experiencing it myself for 6 months.  In software development your main asset is your people and we needed to find ways to develop our team.  I’ve always believed “healthy” people are productive people.  Many associate “healthy” with being in physical shape and that’s part of it but certainly not all of it.  God-Built gives us a program that helps develop the person physically, mentally, and most importantly spiritually.”


Jack Carlson, President, Electrical Division – Southwire Company

“First, I want to express my personal appreciation for all that you are doing to help Southwire’s (and everyone else’s) people stay healthy.  In a time where there is more and more talk about health care benefits very few people are working as God-Built is in dealing with the root problem…staying fit in mind, body and soul.  For that, you are to be commended.

……………  You provide a professionally structured, serious, yet fun environment that gets the job done and makes people want to come back for more.  What I like the most is you are genuine in your caring about others.   Providing all this adds up to a good value for everyone involved.

So, once again, thank you.  In my 28+ years in business, never have I seen so much sustainable enthusiasm.  I do look forward to seeing this “new way of life” exponentially grow.”


We would love to partner with you and your company to literally help your employees to take control of their health and lives.  We offer several options for local and non local companies.

Please contact us for more info:  770-355-5219 or


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