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NUTRITION – Our Philosophy

Here at God-Built, we believe that what we eat is very important.  God intends for us to walk in divine health, and through His Son Jesus Christ, this has already been provided for.  In order for us to walk in that divine health, we have to believe this, we have to receive it into our hearts and confess it with our mouths, and also we must choose to apply wisdom with what and how much we eat on a daily basis.

It is also very important to realize that we are not supposed to get into “fear” concerning nutrition.  We have been given a responsibility and a right to control our health and our lives, in part through choosing the right foods and the right amounts.  So yes we are supposed to be “aware” and become more “aware” of the right things to do concerning nutrition, but we are in no way meant to be consumed by this or operate in fear in the area of nutrition.


There are many Diets that can produce results.  You must realize that just because a Diet helps you to lose weight does not necessarily mean that it is healthy.

One of the main problems for most is that a diet calls for people to make some external changes with their food choices, but there is no true change on the inside of the person.  If a problem exists for a person concerning nutrition, then there is always an underlying problem going on spiritually, mentally, willfully, and or emotionally.  Without addressing these issues before or during the “diet”, then the changes are only temporary.

Our nutrition program and guidelines call for our clients to address the internal Spirit and Soul issues.  It all does come back to Spirit, Soul, then Body.

We offer nutritional counseling to all our personal training clients.

We also offer a 40 DAY WORKBOOK.  This workbook includes focus on all areas, Spirit, Soul, and Body, with a daily journal.  In this 40 Day journal there is a check list for positive confessions and thoughts, exercise and nutrition journal, and scripture of the day.  This workbook is not magic, but we believe that anyone who “chooses” to apply the principles consistently can see drastic changes in their health and life.


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