Nutritional Supplements

The following is a list of supplements that i highly recommend.  Remember though, these are supplements.  They are not supposed to take the place of high quality whole foods.  In some cases yes, meal replacement powders, fruit and vegetable juice / powders, nutrition bars are great to be used as replacements for some meals, but they must never completely take the place of your whole foods.

The recommended brands are the ones that i trust and know.  You have to decide if it is what you want.  I will not recommend or advocate any other brands.  If you have different brand supplements you trust, then that is up to you.

*i recommend going to the internet for the best price.  All you have to do is “google” the specific brand and type of supplement and shop for best price.

**if you are not comfortable with shopping on internet then go to local health food / herb store.

Multi vitamin & mineral “daily”

garden of life “vitamin code” or “raw”

Efa    (essential fatty acids) “daily”

garden of life “olde world cod liver oil” lemon

garden of life “codmega” capsules


now foods “whey protein” choc. Van.  Straw.

Meal replacement

garden of life “perfect meal” paks or can

Nutrition bars

garden of life “perfect food”, “fruits of life”

clif “mojo” (walmart)

Whole fruit and or vegetable juice or powder

garden of life “perfect food” *green superfood

now “fruit & greens phytofoods”

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