Nutrition: 7 Rules for Success

1. God first in nutrition

  1. No idols before him
  2. Honor him in your body
  3. What you eat does matter

2. You choose to be in control

  1. It absolutely is your responsibility
  2. You absolutely can
  3. Quality – make better choices
  4. Quantity – always control this

3. Eat true whole, all natural foods   “god – intended”

  1. Foods that are as close to the original design that god   designed them to be
  2. Whole vegetables, fruits
  3. Minimally processed
  4. Pure water

4. Eat 4-5 smaller, nutrient rich meals per day

  1. Boost metabolism
  2. Hold down hunger

5. Balance every meal

  1. Each meal to include high quality source of carbohydrates, protein, fat
  2. Protein and or fat alone = good
  3. Carb alone = not good (most of time)

6. 80 – 20 or better

  1. 80%+ of meals “on”, 20%- of meals “off”
  2. Always “on” with quantity

7. High quality nutritional supplements

  1. Nutrient dense, whole food based

Meant to “add to” your already high quality diet


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