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Here at God-Built, we believe that movement (exercise) is a key to controlling your fitness and health.  God designed our bodies to function at a high level of performance.  For most this performance simply means being able to efficiently move and perform daily tasks at different intensity levels.  Sometimes we are required to move at high intensities for short periods of time, and other times we are required to move at lower intensities for longer durations.  Either way, we all were designed to perform physically at high levels and to be “physically fit.”

Most people do not function physically the way they should because of several factors such as: our culture of limited physical movement; very poor nutrition; wrong perceptions of what it takes to become physically fit; and misguided information for “exercise” programs.

The biggest challenge for you is more than likely the following:

  1. What is the best exercise program?
  2. How do I find time to actually do it with my busy schedule?


We believe we have your answers!

  1. The best exercise program is mostly based around what you will actually do.  The “best” program in the world does you no good if you don’t do it!
    • Our programs are based totally on efficiency and results.  What is going to get our clients the best results for overall improved physical fitness?
  2. Of course you find time by “making” time.  For you there absolutely can be NO EXCUSES.  You simply have to choose to Make It Happen!
    • We realize you are busy.  This is why we highly advocate “short” workouts.  We have a whole system based off “10 minute or less” workouts.

GOD-BUILT Exercise Programs will improve:

Strength, Balance, Core Power, Mobility, Cardiovascular Fitness



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