L’s 17 Day Diet Update

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LeAnne is in the middle of a 17 day Nutrition plan that is very strict, and is set up to help a person lose weight quickly.  She has done very good with it, and I am very proud of her.  One thing that you will find with “quick” weight loss plans is that they are just that, “quick”.  They are set up to make some serious changes and restrictions.  They call for serious commitment and consistency, but they are for short term.  They call for some restrictions that would not be necessarily healthy to follow for long term.  But again, for short term, if the individual will stick to the plan, they will most likely get good results.

With almost all quick weight loss, or body fat loss plans, there are some common guidelines to follow.  I am going to give you a few of these common ones and realize that you can use 1 or more of these to help with your health goals.

Calorie restriction – this is not always a good idea, but for short term it usually renders good results if the quality of food is high and balance of calories is good.

Smaller, more frequent meals – this is a great one because it helps with insulin levels, which is key for several reasons

Cut out all or most grains – most grains that people eat are highly processed, and render a toxic effect, or inflammatory response in the body.  Most people eat way too much grains.  So to cut these way back or out totally is one of the biggest keys.

Cut out most sugars – Once you start counting all the sugars you are eating you will be surprised how much sugar you are taking in on a daily basis.  Most quick diets will have you cut your sugars to under 40-50 grams per day and work you down to under 15-20 grams.

Lots of water – this is key for fat loss, toxin release, + many other reasons

There are others but these are some of the most common among quick weight loss plans.  You can implement one or more of these into your daily diet very easily.  And one of the most important benefits of these plans, as I see it, is that once someone sticks it out for the given time, not only do they get good results, they “see” that making good changes is “doable” and they can fit it into their lives.


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  1. Hey KJ, Could you send me a few more details on your wife’s quick weight loss regime or diet? Thanks, CWEBB

    • One of her friends purchased the diet online for i think $20. Because it is a product that is sold i can not give it out. Look online for “Stephen Cabral’s 17 Day Bathing Suit Diet.”

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