Big 4th, much thanks

Friends and neighbors

Me and the family had a huge day on the 4th.  We got up yesterday morning, cleaned up the golf cart, decorated her with some flags, and drove to the parade.  The boys had a blast at the parade snatching up all the candy the could, and bunch of other stuff.  Then we spent the rest of the day with family and friends, topping it all off with some good ole homemade icecream.

We talk a lot with the boys about being thankful.  And of course we spent extra time this weekend and the 4th talking with them about how blessed we are to live in this awesome country.  We believe it is a very important thing to raise our boys up to be “thankful” to God, and being people who are making an effort daily to be thankful.  One thing for sure i have found out is that it is nearly impossible to be negative and ungrateful if you are constantly thankful.  And I expect that my little boys will grow up to be some of the most thankful and blessed people on the earth. 


Godbless u kj

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