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I was reading an article from Dr. Mercola’s natural health website and thought it important to share with you.  He always has some very informative health articles.  Today’s was about inflammation and a very promising nutrient that can help to fight it called astaxanthin. 

INflammation, according to a study affects 75% of us americans.  And it is a huge deal as far as being a main cause for many illnesses such as heart disease, alziehmer’s, arthritis, and even cancer.  Anyway, astaxanthin is a carotenoid that is so far one of the most powerful ones found.  It mainly comes from algae in the sea and is becoming more available as a natural supplement.  Anytime you can do something “natural” to help reduce inflammation in the body, is a good thing.  Your body has a natural inflammation trigger, and that is good.  Because of most people’s diet and lifestyle conditions, their inflammation is way too high and constant.  I have talked with you before about the some ways to fight inflammation through your diet, and this is just another very good option, especially for those dealing with inflammation problems.  Check out this link to Dr. Mercola’s article and it will give you much more detail.

As far as how to actually get this supplement your best bet is to google astaxanthin and in the mean time i will be checking myself to see the best sources for it.  As of now i know that Garden of Life carries a product called Fucothin that has a high concentration of astanxanthin.  If you find any good info please pass it along so we can share it with all. 


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