Inflammation, Revelation

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 One of my clients and I were talking this morning about the email sent out yesterday concerning astaxanthin and its powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits.  We went on to talk about how it can help with combating any inflammation related disease such as heart disease, diabetes, general pain, etc.  He went on to say something like “You know, I bet that much of these problems from inflammation come from stress.”  He went on to discuss some of his own experiences and how he has noticed a difference in inflammation according to his level of stress. 

 Now this is a powerful realization here.  You have heard me talk about it a lot, how stress worry and anxiety cause many physical problems.  But hearing him talk this morning about it just reaffirmed to me that you, and me, need to hear it again.  So here you go:  No matter how great your nutrition is, how great your workout plan is, how many anti depressant drugs you take, no matter how many prescription drugs you take for a particular ailment, if you do not take control of your mind will and emotions, you will not be in control of your health.  If you are constantly worried and stressed, your best efforts with all the other health practices will not produce the best results. 

 You have a right and a responsibility to control your thoughts and the words coming out of your mouth.  You have a right to control your emotions.  If you do not control them, they will control you.  And yes, it is your choice.  But remember, you on your own can not do this, at least not at the optimum level and not longterm.  It is through the power that is put into you through Jesus that you have the ability to control your thoughts and words.  It is through this power that you have inside of you that you can choose to not worry.  No you can not stop negative and dreadful thoughts of defeat from coming but you absolutely can choose whether or not you think on these thoughts.  You take every thought that comes to you and make sure it lines up with the Word of God and what He says about you and what you have through Jesus.  If that thought is contrary to the Word, then you immediately cast it down and say what the Word says:  You are an overcomer; You are not a slave to sin; You are the Righteousness of God; You have the ability to not worry; You have the peace of God that passes all understanding and that guards your heart and mind; You, through the Holy Spirit, have been given all the wisdom you need.


Godbless u kj 

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