Fond memories, just who are you?

Friends and neighbors

My little nieces have been having a blast this week staying with us, and of course Joshua Paul and David Ben have been loving it too.  I remember how much i loved getting to go to my aunt’s house who lived near atlanta when i was growing up and all the fun stuff we got to do.  It was such a blessing to me and i am blessed to be able to do this same thing for my nieces. 

You know, i talk a lot about choices and the fact that i believe your health and your life are your choice.  Not to get into a deep discussion here, so lets just summarize it with this:  You cant do anything about your past, but you absolutely can do something from this second forward in order to progress in any area of your life, if you choose to.  Obstacles come to all of us, but you can choose to face those obstacles that may come and expect to overcome them through the power of Christ.

I talk a lot about you getting and keeping your “heart” right, controlling your mind will and emotions, and taking the natural and or physical actions needed to progress in health and life.  And i talk of course a lot about the fact that you have the 100% right and authority to do these things.  Then it comes down to just doing them.  But there is one very important factor that you must always remember that is the foundation for all of this.  To know this important truth and to embrace it is truly the glue and the power that gives you the confidence and expectation that you can and will overcome in your health and life.  This one thing is KNOWING WHO YOU ARE IN CHRIST.  Yes i know i have talked about this many times, but again, the truth is something you and i should hear over and over, and want to continually hear.  The truth of who we are in Christ is what we must understand in order to realize “just who we are” and “what we have been empowered with.”  To know this and recieve it as truth in your life, no matter what your life may seem at the moment, is so important.  Check out this link from and remind yourself of it constantly.


Godbless u kj

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