Baby Ruth!, 12 out of 12!!Yeh baby!!

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The Bible gives us some great info on healing, one of which is LAUGHTER.  WORD tells us that laughter literally is medicine to the body.  And science proves this.  There is a whole bunch of great stuff that happens in your body when you laugh.  So remember to take you a good ole dose of medicine everyday by choosing to laugh.  And for many of us, we likely will have to make an effort to laugh, but once you start, you will want to keep on laughing.  **I was reminded of the power of laughter last night when flipping thru the channels and caught a short bit of Caddyshack.  It was the scene where the “babyruth” was floating in the pool.  Yeh i know, you might think that is kinda gross, but i thought it was hilarious.  Anyway, LAUGH!

Now on to some very important news.  We finished up our 2nd Game Shape camp this week and as always, God showed out.  The youth worked their butts off and did great.  We also gave them a constant diet of The Word, 3-4 times per day for 3 days.  And boy did we see an immediate harvest.  At the end today we had 12 out of 12 kids to pray to recieve Jesus as their Lord and Savior, and or renew their commitment to Jesus.!! Wow, i tell you God is doing something special.  Well He is always doing that.  ANd i am excited about what He is doing here at God-Built.  This is a priviledge and honor to be a part of, and thank you all for being part of it with us. 


Godbless u kj

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