Man i have messed up. Obesity rates up!!

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I have made a lot of mistakes in life, in pretty much every area of my life.  I have come a long way, and realize i still have a long way to go.  But one thing i refuse to do is to ever give up, and or just settle for mediocroty.  I have settled in my heart that i will not accept anything less than God’s best for me and my family in my health and my life.  Now again, it is a process and i am not there yet., but i am getting there.  I expect the same for you.  Keep going, keep expecting God’s best, and never settle for less in your health and life.

On the subject of messing up, i have learned more and more over the years as far as exercise and nutrition.  One thing i was very wrong about back in the mid 90’s was my stance on fat.  I believed that you needed the “good” unsaturated fats in your diet, but that saturated fats were a no-no, and to avoid them at all costs.  Well over the years i have come to find out that was bad wrong.  Saturated fat is a key to vibrant health.  The one saturated fat you want to avoid though is any partially hydrogenated fats such as the ones that come from margarine.  You know, that fake stuff.  Anyway, i am giving you a link here to another article from Dr. Mercola about how huge of an issue obesity has become in the US.  We all have heard this in part, but i highly recommend you read this now because he discusses the most recent study on the obesity rates per state.  You will be astonished like i was when you see the numbers.  He also includes some great advice about how you can fight this, and how the US as a country could fight it. Part of his advice is based on cutting back on grains and all processed foods and adding in more Healthy fats.  Please notice in the article how he talks about some calories being “isocaloric” but not “isometabolic”.  This is something I have preached for years concerning “calorie counting” and how this is not the answer.  He mentions Weight Watchers and their “new stance” on calories and their program.  Pretty interesting and very informative stuff here, so make sure to check it out.


Godbless u kj

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