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Had a busy and very productive weekend.  I worked all weekend renovating a rental property we have.  I was blessed to get a new electric stove, new wiring and the whole nine yards, and new countertop (installed) all at no cost.  Man i am blessed and the property looks great.  Oh yeh by the way if you know any students or families needing a 7 bedroom 4 bath house, send them my way.  (yeh this is my post so i can unashamedly solicit)

Now on to some good stuff here.  I have a question for you.  I want to know your advice.  What is the most important issue/s when it comes to improving your health.  There are a lot of variables, and i want to know what you think and or what has helped you.  So do me and all our friends and neighbors a favor and post what your advice is.  This will be a great help for all of us and pretty interesting too.  So POST and let us know.


Godbless u kj

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  1. About 15 years ago I had 2 ruptured discs that had splintered into my spinal column. After 9 hours of surgery, my doctor stated that he had done all he could do for me. Not only was I painless, but on the 3rd day I had walked a mile. A couple of praises….Cindy Stacey had prayed for my healing the day before and God answered her prayer and the other thing was that I was in excellent physical condition thanks to God Built and crew! I was told that within 5 years I would be back for sugery again…….wrong. I continue to be strong. My back is fine but other than what God did, he used God Built to continue his healing in me. Not only do we receive body building but we receive God’s word of encouragement from KJ’s group.

    I normally don’t share things like this but I felt compelled to share what God Built has meant to me!

    Thankfully I am!

    Paula Waters

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