That man pulled into my parking lot

Friends and neighbors

I had an interesting thing happen today.  Someone i know just happened to pull into the God-Built parking lot as i had just pulled in also.  He said he wanted to tell me something God had been talking to him about.  So of course i wanted to hear.  Well here is a part of what he shared with me.

He begin to tell me how God had been dealing with him about “wishing.”  Basically he said that we were supposed to “wish” more and God would answer as this turned into our prayer.  Now flags automatically went up because i believe that “wishing” is just like our “hoping.”  There is no faith in hoping or wishing, at least not as our use of those words go.  But now hang in here with me and dont miss this.  The point he was trying to make was that God wants and needs us to get back to thinking bigger and expecting His best.  And for many of us it may have to start with this “wishing.”  So sometimes you might have to seperate yourself from your so called reality and say: Okay, if i could have it anyway i wanted, then what would i wish for?”  And hey that is a great start because from there you can find those dreams deep down that may or may not have ever surfaced before that God himself put in you.  And then as you think on those things, God can work with you to show you that thru Him it is possible.  And you go on and on from there.  And all this came as confirmation to what God has been dealing with me about lately: Get your dreams back; Get back to expecting big; Get back to expecting quicklies and suddenlies. 

I am excited, and expect now you are too.  YOUR HEALTH, YOUR LIFE, YOUR CHOICE.  Godbless u kj

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