There goes God! He does it all the time!!

Friends and neighbors

One thing i know is that He always knows.  He knows what you need, want, and what others need and want.  And He knows how to get it to us.  I believe the biggest disconnect is lack of faith or expectation that not only does He know, but also that He will do it.   Just today i had two situations where it was all Him.  Now i had to follow His lead, then He took it from there. 

Here are the two things:

1.He put it on my heart to do something, for someone so i did.  Then i come to find out that this person had been seeking this very thing but did not know how or what to do, then there goes God!

2. I had a project to do on our 7 BEDROOM 4 BATH HOUSE FOR RENT.  i did not want to spend a lot of time or money.  So i asked Him to give me the right idea to fix the problem meeting my requirements and it looking good too.  There goes God again, He gave me the idea and it is great.

There you go.  He does answer pray and He usually is just waiting for us to ask, then believe that He answers us and start thanking him already.


Godbless u kj

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