Expecting from others. Trouble brewing!

Friends and neighbors

Be careful what you expect from people. 

One thing that you have to remember is people are just that, people.  We all have failed before and let someone down.  That being said, make sure you dont put your faith in people.  All your faith should be in HIM.  He is the only one that is 100% true and gauranteed to not let you down, to hold true to His promises. 

Yes i think if someone tells me they will do something, that i expect that they will.  Yes i think people should hold true to their word, but you have to be so solid in your faith that you dont let their actions, or lack of actions, pull you down.  Many people live “let down” and frustrated, sad, and or angry because someone didnt do something they thought they should have.  Your happiness and peace at any time in life can not be based on anyone or anything, but on Him and His promises.

And this goes even as far as something like being sad or mad because a family member or friend didnt remember your birthday.  And i know this might seem silly or overboard, but this is real.  Many people “expect” others to do certain things like remembering their birthday, etc.  When they dont get a call or present, they let that upset them and bring out bad emotions.  Now i realize that we all have done this before to some extent, so i understand that it is a real issue.  The point i am trying to make is that me and you should be getting so strong in our control over our health and lives that we dont let circumstances such as others not doing what we think they should, take control over us.  We choose to go on and expect the best, and keep ourselves in the peace of God.  

If you make a commitment to someone, keep it.  And if you are on the other end of a commitment and that person does not follow through, no matter how big or little it may be, make the choice that you are not going to allow their actions to determine your peace, joy, and happiness.


Godbless u kj

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