A little boy and a 6′ high roll of carpet

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I picked up Joshua Paul from school today and he came to stay with me at God-Built.  Both the boys love coming to God-Built cause there is so much room to run and play and so much “stuff” to get into.  Like right now i hear some loud banging going on in the back and not sure if i want to know what it is. 

Anyway, i have a large roll of padded carpet in the sports performance room that is standing upright in the corner.  It literally stands 6″ tall.  Joshua Paul was sitting on top of it when i came in and i told him to be careful not to fall into the middle and all the way down on the floor inside the roll because he would not be able to climb out.  He informed me that he already fell down inside it and had just climbed out.  I asked how in the world he did and he decided to show me instead of just tell me.  So before i could stop him he climbed into the roll and jumped to the bottom.  Then here are his words: “Daddy i just fell in and asked God how to get out.  God gave me a plan in my mind on how to get out.  So i did.”  And the whole time he is using his whole body to climb out of this 6 foot high roll of padded carpet.  Needless to say i was very impressed and thought “how simple was that.”  He got in a situation where he needed help.  He prayed to God, God gave him the plan, then he just did it.  And it worked.

Man oh man how we can learn from little ones.


Godbless u kj

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