Emotion Control – another lesson from a 5 year old

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Man i have to watch myself around my kids.  Yeh i know this is true for all of us when dealing with our kids.  One thing that just caught my attention a few days ago was that i had been telling Joshua Paul not to do something and then turning right around and doing it myself.

I have always taught him that we cant let our emotions control us, and we cant blame them on anyone or anything.  It is our responsibility to harness them.  Even though that may be tough sometimes, we still have a choice to do it.  And yes i believe it is vital to teach young ones this as early as possible, not expecting them to be perfect with it, but yes expecting them to grow up understanding more and more that their attitude and actions cant be blamed on emotions and what others do or dont do.  Anyway i caught myself several times over a few days basically telling Joshua Paul that he “made” me mad.  I realized that i had allowed myself to be controlled by what he did.  And of course i realize that as parents we are going to get mad and or upset at our kids, but in order to be a good example to him and to what i am trying to teach him i must handle this differently.

Here is what i mean: If he does something that makes me angry, i first must take control of those emotions and not allow them to make my decision for me as far as discipline.  I have to take control of that anger, ask God for guidance in how to handle the situation, then do it out of love and concern.  And i can tell him that his actions made me angry, but i chose to not let that anger control me.  I prayed and asked God for help and He helped me. 

Now i realize that we all mess up as parents in this situation, but i just thought it was important for you to see this and let you know that it is huge to live it out.  And i know that your kids can truly put you to the test in this area.  So i am very thankful that God showed me this and is helping me. 

Also you have to realize that this is just one example and that this same prinicple of not allowing others or situations to determine your emotions and your actions is a huge key in all health and life improvement.  If you dont choose to control your emotions then they will control you. 


Godbless u kj

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