Low Back problems, football, cussing!

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I was plagued with lower back problems throughout my college football career.  There were several reasons that i know of that caused this: Years of poor weight lifting mechanics with heavy loads; Poor overall training leading to major imbalances; Years of high impact contact from playing football every year of my life except one (broke my arm) since i was in the 1st grade.   Now dont get me wrong, I am still “pro” football, especially as a team sport that is great for youth for several reasons.  For me, I did not have enough knowledge to realize what I was doing wrong and how to fix it. 

Since that time and up until about three years ago, I would have reoccurences of lower back problems, some of which were pretty severe.  The last one I had was about 3 years ago, and it was the most severe I had ever had, and lasting the longest.  After about 4 or 5 weeks of severe pain and extreme lack of mobility and strength, I started having some pretty rough thoughts.  Of course, the thoughts of surgery came up.  The thought also came to me that I would never fully recover.  I actually started planning out how I could stay fit while cutting out much of my favorite movements, etc.  All this “stuff” was going through my head.  If you have ever had serious low back pain, for any amount of extended time, you know how it can truly mess up your thinking, because most of the time you are just wanting relief.  ANd in this state of mind you are very likely to except anything, you just want relief. 

Long story short, I overcame this problem.  I eventually got back to doing everything I was before, and actually even more.  Yes it was a process, but I succeeded and I have not had any lower back problems since then other than some normal soreness from working out, etc.  Now I am not saying that I never will have any obstacles to overcome in that area again, but I am saying that I overcame in a big time way, and I know how to overcome it again if I ever had to face it. 

Make sure and check out the daily posts to see how I overcame this problem.  It is a very interesting story.  This might actually take 2-3 more posts to cover everything.  I will be real with you, and even tell you about the time I was so frustrated and MAD about the severe pain and the lack of any improvement that I was cussing and screaming, and some of it was pointed to God.  Yeh I know that aint what we are supposed to do, but I did.  I just want to be real with you.   So make sure and keep checking the posts out daily for the continuation of this story. 


Godbless u kj

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