Low Back issues- Part 2

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Lower Back Part II – This is the a continuation of a post earlier this week.  If you have not read it from tuesday, please read it first. 

So, those low back issues that got very severe 3 years ago caused me a lot of pain and I learned a lot from it all.  Now some would say that God has a reason for everything, and that for everything there is a reason.  And this is a whole other issue I will talk about later, but let it just suffice to say that yes I agree that there is a reason for everything.  But most say that with the meaning that it is always God’s plan or reason for you going through everything you go through in life.  I do not agree at all.  I dont believe for a second that God brings bad things on people to teach them a lesson, but yes He can teach us in the middle of adversity if we allow Him to.  I learned a huge lesson from this incident, and one that I can use to benefit others in a huge way, but I in no way believe that God brought this issue on me. 

The pain had gotten so bad for so long, the only relief i could get was lying on my stomach over a stability ball.  It was horrible trying to ride in a car, I couldnt stand up for long, and overall it just wasnt getting any better.  I prayed, I confessed scripture, and I stepped out on faith everyday continuing working and going.  But there was no change and it actually was getting worse.  I still remember i was in the house one day, LeAnne was home too, and I was so frustrated that i wasnt seeing any improvements.  I was in a lot of pain.  I remember I was lying over the stability ball trying to get some relief, and the pain just amped up about 10 times.  Everything started locking up and I couldnt stand up.  I started crying, I got extremely angry, and I started yelling.  Then I started cussing.  I was so mad.  And the whole time all these thoughts of defeat were going through my head: You are not getting any better; You might as well accept that your back is ruined; You are going to have to accept surgery; you might be crippled if it doesnt get better soon; You arent going to be able to run and jump and play anymore with your sons; All this “healing” stuff doesnt work; You might as well stop believing that God wants you healed and just be glad your alive.  All these crazy thoughts were coming at me over and over.  I had all these emotions going on.  And thank God that He had put Himself in me the day I accepted Jesus as Lord, cause otherwise I would have folded.  I rose up, in my heart and mind (physically i wasnt able to yet), and I started confessing God’s Word with force, and very loud.  I had already been screaming I just changed what I was screaming about.  And oh yeh, remember i said LeAnne was home.  She told me later that of course she heard me, but it scared her and she closed her door and tried to ignore it because she knew I was battling.  So I was making strong confessions and statements that “I was healed” and I was fully recovering.  Then of course more thoughts came, “Oh this aint working.  You still cant even get up and walk you dummy.”  So it rose up in me that I had to get up and start walking.  So i did, and it was awful pain.  My body and mind would say “get back down on the floor you idiot”, and I would say “No, by His stripes I am healed.”  “I will walk and I will jump and I will get back to full movement, and even more.”  So I am walking, I am still screaming scripture and confessions, and I am moving better and faster the whole time.  I start shouting, jumping and running in that house.  Now i am still in pain.  So anyway, I go through this for probably 10 minutes, then I just get settled in my heart that its all good now.  So I calm down and stop running.  Now the pain is still there, but my movement is back and I am back on track in my heart and in my mind. 

Now over the next couple of days I pray that God shows me the exact steps to take to see my full improvement.  And again i just wanted some relief, and I was actually willing to accept some limitations to my ability to perform with intensity.  So i was much further along in what i was not willing to accept but I wasnt truly at the point that I was going to get to in this area.

I was thanking God for giving me the plan.  According to His Word, when you ask Him, you should begin to thank Him if you believe that He answers prayer.  So I did, I knew He had answered my prayer, even though the plan was not in my mind yet.  God led me to an old resource.  Seth L. was a friend of mine and was and still is the athletic trainer at UWG here in town.  God used Seth to start a process that brought about the biggest breakthrough I had had at the time.  I started getting some immediate release from the severe inflammation and pain.  It took several weeks, but through him and HIM, i was trememdously better.

Now there is a whole lot more to the story, so again, stay tuned and keep checking the post to seeing Part III.


Godbless u kj

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