Nutrition – Who is in control?!

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I was talking with a group of clients today about Nutrition.  The topic for them was “What is the most important key for Proper Nutrition?”  This is an important question for everyone.  So keep reading and see what the most important key is.

All the following are important parts to a good Nutrition plan, but none of them are the answer: Drinking mostly water; Limiting your grains intake and making sure most if not all are true “whole grain”, minimally processed, etc; Eating 3+ servings / day of fruits and vegetables; Using organic, all natural foods when possible.  And the list could go on.  Again, all of these are very important, but they are just what I call “surface issues.”  They do not get to the root of why people eat the wrong foods and too much. 

So why do people eat the wrong quality and quantity of foods?  Wellthis would take a long time to cover the whole subject, but for the most part it can be summed up into this: Food is in control of them.  So there is the biggest problem and to turn this around just the opposite will give us the biggest key for Good Nutrtion: You have to be in control of food.  Now i know that sounds very elementary, but that is the way most things are in life: simple or very basic.  Too many people try to overcomplicate this issue.  And most make nutrition changes on the surface, and never get to the root cause of what they are doing.  And of course there surface changes are almost always only temporary.  I know for sure I have done this in several areas of my life.  ANd of course I am still working on issues in my own life.  And thank God that He gives me direction, strength, and faith that I can overcome those issues and see a “new” lifestyle in those areas. 

So again, to choose to BE IN CONTROL OF FOOD will give you a strong conviction and ability to overcome food problems and addictions.  And yes I said addiction.  See I firmly believe that if you are doing things in your nutrition that you know that you should not be doing, and you are doing them repeatedly, then that is actually a type of addiction.  That is a for sure clue that food literally has control over you, and that is no different than a drug, or alchohol, or gambling having control over you.  Now of course the latter usually produces more drastic and immediate negative consequences.  ANd the world usually puts a higher price tag on the latter.  But it is pretty much the same when it boils down to it.  And even though the food addiction does not seem as costly as the “bad” things, many people are paying a high price with sickness and disease that is caused to a large degree by poor nutrition.  One difference is that these people usually dont associate their nutrition choices with there sickness and or disease.

So you might ask the question: “Well if I admit that food is in control, then how in the world do I GET CONTROL over food?”  First that is correct that you have to recognize and admit that you do have a problem, and realize that you have given food a power over you.  Then absolutely do not get into condemnation about it.  You go to the Good Lord, ask for forgiveness, thank Him for that forgiveness, ask Him for the plan to overcome this, and then you begin to thank Him for answering your prayer.  Remember Paul in the Word said that he could do anything he wanted to do, but he realized that not everything was beneficial for him.  And also he refused to be put under the power of anything.  So this is the perception and mindset you have to have towards this situation.  You literally have to see that you literally can eat any food you want, but you realize that certain foods and quantities will do you harm.  And you have to establish it in your heart and in your mind that will not let food put you under its power.  You get a good quality nutrition plan that you will adhere to, and you start improving in freedom and not out of law or bondage.  If you “mess up”, you stay out of condemnation, you pick right back up immediately and go.  The following are some thoughts and confessions that will help you:

Through Christ I literally can control food, so I choose to. 

I refuse to let food control me.  God is my master, and noone or nothing else.

I use food to heal, energize, and improve my life.

I can eat anything I want.  I just choose to eat those foods that do good for me.


Godbless u kj

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