Been having some problems w/ my son

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We have been having some issues with Joshua Paul lately.  They are the same issues pretty much I am sure that all parents deal with at different points in their kids’ lives.  One of the most challenging things is we have dealt with these things for a good little while now.  And yes we see improvement and we see what I call the “real” Joshua Paul a lot, but it is not changing as fast as we would like.  I know that things usually dont happen as fast as we want them to.  ONe thing me and LeAnne have to constantly remind ourselves of is that he will be who we know he “really” is.  Actually he already really is this, we just dont “see” it as much as we want to. 

From the very beginning we have prayed over and spoken God’s Word over him, and over David Ben.  It is amazing to me how quickly we get to see some of the things that he says and does that are only because of the Word that has been planted and “watered” in him.  And this too is one reason why when we see the other side it is so frustrating.  I have made the decision from the beginning that I will not accept anything less than God’s best for my kids.  Yes I know that they are not going to be perfect (its too late for that), and I know that they have their own free choice especially as they get older.  I also know that God makes me certain promises in His Word concerning my kids, so that is all I will accept.  To me I definitely want to see this fulfilled in my kids NOW, but I will not let what I sometimes see him do or say convince me otherwise.  All of my confidence is based on the Word of God, and this is so important when dealing with growing your kids up and in any area of life.

I talk a lot about having faith in any and all things you set out to do.  ONe of the main issues with faith is that your faith has to be based on something solid.  To believe you can do, be, or see something based on what The Word teaches and promises is the most solid foundation you can have.  So never give up on those goals, dreams, and desires you have.  And make sure to set your foundation on The Word and the promises of God contained in The Word.  Anything else is shaky, but His Word is for sure and will always stand.


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