Remember this 1 thing, and go far

Friends and neighbors

There is a whole lot to life.  There are many struggles, many laughs, many tears, many frustrations, and many opportunities.  You can choose to focus on the good or on the bad.  And whatever you choose to focus on is what will become more and more real to you in your life. 

Some things that are important in dealing with all that life offers are: Faith & Expectation; Consistency; Hard work; Wisdom; Love; and Willingness to change and grow.  All the above are very important factors that can determine the lack or abundance that you experience in your life.  ONe factor that is of upmost importance to remember in order to ultimately see God’s best in your life is: NEVER GIVE UP!

No matter what you must never ever ever never ever give up.  I have used this example before and I wish i knew how to find it and paste it onto this post.  The picture of the frog that is getting eaten by the bird.  The frog is half way down the birds throat and it looks hopeless and over, but the frog has apparently decided to never give up.  He has his arms out of the birds mouth and his hands around the birds throat choking him.  Now that is what I am talking about.  that is exactly the way we have to be in life.  Sometimes it is going to look like it is hopeless and over.  So what!  You choose to NEVER EVER GIVE UP!  Expect to WIN, always!  And even if you do “seem” to fail.  Just get your butt back up and go again.  NEVER EVER EVER NEVER EVER GIVE UP!


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