Best way to get rid of stress, fear, sadness

Friends and neighbors

You know, God is pretty smart.  Of course that is a huge understatement.  He set things up in a unique way so that when we follow His ways, we get results.  One thing that is so neat to me is a way He set it up for us to “get over” our own distress, sadness, fear, etc.  If someone is having their own problems especially in the area of encouragement, doubt, and sadness, then the “natural” thought would be that person should focus on self until they get self back on the right track. 

Well focusing on self is not always the best way.  Sometimes the best way to get yourself back on track is to focus on helping others.  You may not feel like helping others when you are low, and it definitely may seem like you have no encouragement or help to give others especially since you dont seem to have any for yourself, much less others.  The funny thing is God set it up so that when you give, you get back in return.  Its amazing to me how much improvement you can experience in your own emotions and confidence when you help others, even though you need your own help sometimes worse than they do.  And again, that is part of God’s wisdom.  He set it up so you can help yourself by taking your focus off of yourself.  He states clearly in His Word that “whatever you do for others, He will do for you.” 

If you need some encouragement or boost in confidence today, seek out someone else to encourage.  It is that simple.  And no, helping others does not solve all your problems, but it gives you an opportunity to “sow” good into others.  And you know that you do reap what you sow.  And yes it does bring some immediate results also usually as far as the way you feel or see things.  In order to help others you have to put your focus on them and take them off of your problems.   God’s wisdom is awesome.  Take advantage of it.  Take your focus off yourself and put it on others.


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