Artificial Sweeteners:is there a price?!

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I want you to definitely go to this link, , and check out more info on the artificial sweetener sucralose.  You have heard me preach about the dangers of artificial sweeteners many times before.  This will give you some more definite info.  A big part of the article discusses how now they are finding sucralose in water sources since it can remain even after the water has been treated because of its chemical makeup.  One of the big things I want you to see is how dangerous this stuff is and how bad it truly is for you.  It is probably just as bad if not worse than aspartame.   And to think when sucralose first came out I told people that “it was not optimum, but of course better than aspartame.”  Man I was bad wrong. 

Remember, dont get into “fear” about nutrition.  Yes there are many bad things out there, and you do have to “look out for yourself” when it comes to choosing your foods.  Just because a food is “FDA” approved really does not mean much.  Again though, one of the worst things you can do as far as nutrition is live in fear.  Be wise, realize that there are foods that are good for you and there are some that are not.  No, you are not going to be perfect, but you can choose to make better choices everyday.  To watch for artificial sweeteners in your diet is something that is actually easy to do.  AGain if you have not already, make sure and go to the link above and read.                                                                                                                        Remember it is YOUR HEALTH, YOUR LIFE, YOUR CHOICE.

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