One of the 1st steps to better health and life!

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I had a meeting this morning and sharing our health and life programs with a potential corporate partner.  I shared with them basically who we are and what we do here at God-Built, and how we can help their employees to take control of their health and their life.  One of the issues discussed was the fact that there is usually not a need for more and or new information when it comes to exercise and nutrition.  Most people already know enough that if they just applied what they already know they should be doing, they could change their health and lives dramatically. 

So the issue almost always is “why” are people not doing the things they know they should.  To help someone to discover the true answer to this is a huge step in going forward to taking control of their health and life.  And of course the next step is to help that person understand that they have the ability already inside of themselves and responsibility to take control. 

That is the question I want you to ask yourself.  And yes you may have been asked that several times before by me, but I am asking it again.  If you know you are not doing the things you should be doing concerning your health, then why?  What is the real reason?  Is it fear that you may put a bunch of effort into a health program and not see results?  Is it that you dont believe taking care of your health is that big of an issue?  Is it that you truly dont believe you have the time to do what is needed?  Make sure and dont jump the gun on this one and answer too quick.  Take some time to think this over and search your heart.  Ask God to reveal to you the real answer.  And remember I am doing all this not to bring condemnation, but to help you to get to the root cause.  If all it really came down to was “just getting serious” and working hard, then most would be doing it.  My experience is that many people “get serious”, and they work hard, but for some reason they wind up quitting.  ANd it is not just because they are lazy, or “dont want it bad enough.”  If you are struggling in anyway with controlling your health then I of course want to help.  ANd just like I discussed with the company leaders this morning, it does not come down to exercise and nutrition information.  It comes down to heart and soul issues.  This is at the core of your being and to start here is where your answer lies.

Please do yourself, me, and the rest of Team God-Built a favor and take some time to think this over.  Then come back to this post and comment on it.  Share what you think the issue is in your own health struggles and together we can learn and grow.


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  1. KJ, the main reason I don’t do all that I know I can do is time and energy. I am very lucky that I have free access to your wonderful classes at SW. I work fulltime. So I appreciate the PM and lunchtime classes. Wish we had one on weekends. Many times though, I just can’t prioritize a class into my day due to work or health. We love ya!

    • Those 2 are very legitimate reasons. But what we need to do is look at the actual time and energy you do have. ONe thing that has been tough for me to get across to people is that 5 or 10 minutes of high intensity (relative to individual) exercise is highly beneficial. So do you have 5 or 10 minutes where you can fit some exercise in on those other days? I bet you do. And as far as energy, that is a biggee. One thing I have found is that the old saying is true: Energy breeds energy. You may be tired and seemingly have no energy whatsoever, but as you choose to “take control of you body” and make yourself “move”, you will discover that there is energy on the inside, and the “moving” or exercise actually causes your body to create more energy!! Amazing how that works. like a wise man once said: Get on it dog’on it! kj

    • Well, you mite need to bring them over here and we can have them do some time management and job commitment training, i.e. Burpees. Then i bet they will show up on time at work from then on. In the mean time you keep making them buiscuits baby!

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