Are you actions tied to your emotions?

Friends and neighbors

Remember this very true and important fact as concerning your health:

Your thoughts render emotions.  Your emotions then render certain actions.  Your actions sooner or later will produce negative or positive results in your health.

This process is something we all go through in life.  One thing you must understand though is that if you want positive results in your health, you must realize how important your emotions are in this mix.  Your emotions are brought about first by the thoughts you think.  ANd your emotions will cause you to do certain things.  So know that controlling your emotions is a key to health, and life, success.  In order to control your emotions you are going to have first realize you do have a say in the matter.  God designed it so you can control your emotions.  Then next you must choose to control your thoughts, and your words.  ANd of course you can go further in depth on this issue, but those are the basics. 

YOU choose to control your thoughts, your words, your emotions, your actions.  You can not control every thought that comes your way, but you can choose whether or not you continue to think on that thought. 


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