I conquered Goliath, so I thought

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We went to Chucky Cheese!!!  It was Joshua Paul’s 6th Birthday last friday.  We took him and David Ben to Chucky Cheese for fun and games, then after that he got to go pick out a new video game for his DS.  He had a blast and got a new game he has been of course wearing out. 

On Saturday me and LeAnne took off by ourselves and went to Six Flags.  She won tickets thru J93 so we went for a few hours.  We had a great time with only one little incident.  And here I am going to tell on myself.  We were riding the new Goliath.  Man it was fun, and very scary too.  When we made it through, our coaster stopped before pulling under the loading area.  We sit there for a few minutes and could tell something was wrong.  We were all “locked in” and there was no way to get unlocked, and we were just sitting there out in the sun.  Finally one of the workers come and told us they were having some “technical difficulties” and it would take a little while to get us out. 

In the past I have dealt with clostraphobia (not sure if that is how you spell it).  I used to be pretty bad about it.  Over the years I have gotten better, especially since I realized it is totally based on fear.  So here I was seriously locked in and my mind starts racing.  I start thinking all kind of crazy thoughts.  And I am actually thinking that if I needed to I could break that restraint and get out.  Well I believe all things are possible, especially if for a “real” reason I needed to get out, but those things wouldnt budge.  Anyway I realize what is going on and fear has almost taken over.  So I start praying quietly, and I start quoting scripture.  Of course the main one I quote is: He did not give me a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind.  The whole time I am going through my own little hell here.  I am sweating, and again wrapped up in fear.  Now notice, I realized what was going on.  I realized that this was a spirit of fear trying to grip and control me, and I had already started choosing to take control by mainly using His Word.  Realize though that nothing changed.  I was still dealing with some crazy thoughts, and physically I was sweating it.  But I knew I had a choice to take control or be controlled.  And I knew that if I didnt take control it could have gotten real bad.  Heck I dont know what would have happened.  I probably would have seriously hurt myself trying to get out and of course made a fool of myself. 

We were there for probably 30 minutes, but it seemed like several hours.  They finally gave up on trying to fix the main thing and came and manually released us with some kind of tool.  Probably the last 20 minutes I was fine.  I still would have some thoughts to come to try to get me back into fear, but I could “cast them down” quickly and those feelings and other thoughts would leave.  But that first 10 – 15 minutes was hard as all get out.  My point with all this is that fear is an awful thing.  And God does not want you or me to live in it.  You can see how fear led me into some serious crazy thoughts.  If you dont choose to control fear, it will control you.  And you will not walk in God’s best for your health and life by living in fear.  Fear destroys and it can cause you to make very bad choices.  And it causes immediate and long term damage to your physical body.

Stay out of fear, and if you get caught on the roller coaster with technical difficulties, dont let that crazy fear jump on you.  **LeAnne didnt have a clue that all this was going on during the time.  When I told her about it later she said she heard me praying and thought I was praying for the people’s safety that would be riding the ride later.  I said heck no, I was praying for me.  At the time I didnt care about them, I was worried about me!!  


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