Can you See it before you see it?!

friends and neighbors

You know, when it comes down to it, it does not matter how many times you seemingly fail or lose.  What matters is if you choose to keep getting back up and going.  ANd on top of that make sure each time you get back up and going, you fully expect to WIN this time.  ANd guess what you should do if you fail again?  Yep dats right.  You get back up and going and fully expecting again.  Always, always, always go into a fight fully expecting to WIN!  Never go “hoping” and especially dont go with failure already on your mind.  Actually, if you go “hoping” you already have accepted failure as an option.  According to His Word, you have already been made a winner, more than a conqueror, and able to accomplish anything.  You may not be “seeing” it yet, but if you dont give up you will see it.  ANd remember this, most of the time you have to SEE it before you actually see it!!


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