Laughter – good ole dose of medicine

Friends and neighbors

I have to remind myself of this truth: A merry heart does good like a medicine!!!  Straight from the Word right there, actually I believe it is Proverbs 17. 

ONe of the very best ways to have a merry heart is to LAUGH.  And there is just something about laughing that is so beneficial to us mentally, emotionally, and physically.  Anyway, i believe it is important for us to find a way to laugh, everyday.  Most of us are so busy, and so stressed about whatever that we cant even begin to laugh.  ANd sometimes it may seem like your life is in such a mess that you dont have a right to laugh.  Well, that is a very good reason in itself to laugh. 

Notice how much kids laugh.  I know, they “dont have any worries.”  Well actually they have just as much to worry about as we do.  The difference is they dont know any better.  Why is that?  Well they just trust that they are taken care of by their parent/s!!!  Huh!  Sounds like some very profound wisdom there. 

My point with all this is MAKE YOURSELF LAUGH TODAY.   You find a way to laugh.  Start off by laughing at yourself if you have to.  I know i do many times.  And to help you out I want you to go the the link below and check out this thing LeAnne did online with our family.  It is hilarious.  You have to check it out.


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