Is there a little man living inside you?

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Take a close look at this: “….and most important have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.  They somehow already know what you truly want to become.”  This is part of a quote from Steve Jobs.  As you probably know he recently died and was the founder of Apple.  He was thought very highly of by many “top” business people in the world because of his pursuit of excellence and “heart”, among other things. 

There is so much wisdom in that quote.  ONe thing I want you to see here has to do with your “heart and intuition.”  Basically I believe that there are really one in the same.  It is your “spirit” inside you.  Remember the Word says that you are a “spirit being person.”  You are not a mind or body.  You have a mind and body, but that is not the real you, they are just part of who you are.  The real you is your spirit inside you.  And again, I believe your spirit is your heart, your intuition, and your conscious.  Mr Jobs had figured something very important out that we all should take note of.  Who we really are and what God has designed us to do is already in us.  It lies within our heart or spirit.  Like he said “they already know what we truly want to become.”  God has put that inside of us, and we have to have to courage to seek that out and follow those leadings.  And many times those leadings will call for us to make a change that may seem very scary and not flowing with the “norm.” 

I challenge you to search your heart and seek out what God has designed you to do.  Be bold enough to take a stand and do what it is that your heart or spirit already knows you want to do, what you were created to do.  If you are confident that you are already doing that, then great.  Keep on doing it, knowing that you are doing the right thing, and He is with you all the way.  If you are not doing it, but you want to, then just ask Him to direct you on the correct steps to take.  He has called you to do something that you can not do, not own your own.  He has called you to do something that you can only do through the power He has given you through Jesus Christ. 

This can apply to anything in life.   If you are struggling to succeed in any area of life, and you know deep down that He has created you to succeed (which by the way He has), then you have to seek His plan for success.  Sometimes it may only call for 1 or 2 minor adjustments.  Sometimes it may call for 1 or more major adjustments.  But man oh man will it be so worth it.  Follow that “leading” on the inside.  Do as Mr. Jobs said and be courageous enough to do the right thing, that thing that God has already put inside you.  **(And speaking of courageous, be looking for my review on the movie.  Me and LeAnne went to see it.  And man do I have a bone to pik about it!)


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