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Me and the boys had a day of “messing around” on saturday.  I told Joshua Paul that it was going to be just us “boys” and we would do some fun stuff together and he said: “Yeh Daddy.  Girls are lazy and us boys we just do fun stuff.”  He is at that age where girls are “yucky”.  And of course we all know that will change.  Anyway, we did have a big time this weekend and expect that you did too.

You know, what your kids eat is very important.  As a parent, if you are a parent, that is part of your responsibility to work at getting your kids to eat healthier foods.  As far as my house, we do a pretty good job with that.  Now of course we realize we could always improve, and we are always looking for better options.  Our boys eat hot dogs, ice cream, candy, and other “not good for you” foods.  They just dont do that all the time.  We actually tell our boys that those foods are not good for us if we eat them too much.  Our boys are just like any others, if you let them eat those things all the time they probably would.  So we limit those things. 

I saw some empty containers yesterday of 3 foods that we usually keep on hand at the house.  These are just random things that caught my eye and I wanted to show them to you.  These are easy to get at the grocery store and they are definitely better options for healthier foods.

1. Barilla Pasta- this is a healthier choice for pasta.  The boys love it and it is doesnt contain enriched, bleached flour.  Because of some of the ingredients it has a higher protein content which is great. 

2. Stoneyfield  frozen yogurt – I always recommend “whole” dairy products, and “organic” if at all possible.  Notice that this is “low fat” which is ok.  And sometimes that is what you have to choose as some particular dairy products is hard to find the “whole”.  So low is ok, but choose “whole” “organic” when possible.  The boys both love this.  As David Ben calls it “fozen ogurt.”

3. Kashi whole grain waffles – Kashi has some pretty good stuff.  again, this is just a better choice for a breakfast food.

Just like with all other areas of your kids lives, anytime you put time effort and money into something for them you are literally INVESTING into them for their present and future.  YOUR HEALTH, YOUR LIFE, YOUR CHOICE  Godbless u kj

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  1. Ok i’m upset you didn’t explain to your son how hard his mommy — i.e. A GIRL — works!! What am I gonna do with you?

    • It would have been hard to explain to him that going shopping and haircutting was not being lazy. So I just let it ride, cause I know he really knows his mommy is very fun and definitely not lazy.

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