Your metabolic system vs. 800 lb Gorilla!!

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I have a Nutrition Lunch and Learn presentation today, and I am very excited about it.  I love to teach people powerful truths that can help them to literally take control of their health and life and make positive changes for the rest of their lives.

On this note of nutrition, I heard someone say something today that has a pretty good handle on nutrition and been coaching people for health improvement for probably 30 years.  ONe thing this person noticed that “conventional wisdom” as far as nutrition was way off, and we all are seeing the results of that worse and worse today.  He said something to this extent: The eating in excess of refined carbohydrates is the “real” 800 pound gorilla that has brought about the metabolic derrangement that is killing millions today. 

Lets break this down some here.  First not all will agree with this of course because “conventional wisdom” has told us for probably 30+ years now that for optimum health you should eat a high carb, low fat diet.  Well many people do follow this and their health is all out of whack.  And yes there are many more factors to health than nutrition.  Another point is that for most people if they do try to follow that type of diet, a majority of their grains are going to end up being “refined.”  So here you have 3 huge problems.  1. Eating too much carbohydrates overall will reak havoc on your metabolic system, hormones.  This is proven. 2. Eating anything more than a small percentage of those carbohydrates as refined carbohydrates adds tremendous burden to the whole system and adds serious harmful effects.  3.  Low fat = very bad.  (that is a whole other story by itself, but suffice to know that getting enough fat in your diet is crucial for better health.)

One of the biggest points for you to understand here is to 1. Limit your grain intake.  2. choose higher quality, non refined, minimumly processed whole grains.  I know personally I feel better and better the less grains I eat.  I do still believe that true whole grains are great for you when eaten in limited portions.  And one of the hardest things to overcome is our idea of what a “portion size” is for grains.  This is easy to see at restaurants.  They give you usually 2+ portiions of any kind of grains.  The easiest way to figure a portion size for many foods, especially grains is a closed fist size.  That may not be perfect, but it is easy and works. 


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