Lower Back issues – Secret Technique for relief

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I did a whole series on Low Back issues a few weeks ago.  I hope it was beneficial to some, as I know many people deal with lower back problems on a day to day basis. 

In the series I went through all the complications I had in college and even up until about 3 years ago.  I went on to say that since that last bad case, I have not had any more problems other than normal soreness due to working out, etc.  One thing that I have experienced on many occasions is tightness in the mornings when I first get up.  It is not all the time, it is nothing serious or severe, and every time it happens it just takes some movement to work the tightness out.  One of the things I discovered just recently was that our bed was a major cause.  There have been times where I fell asleep on the couch while watching t.v. at night(no LeAnne didnt kick me out).  Those mornings I noticed that my back was not tight or sore.  I didnt want to believe it because our mattress is a nice one and I didnt want to have to go out and search for one that would be better.  And if you have ever tried to find a mattress that helped with not having lower back soreness or tightness in the mornings, then you know how hard that can be.  Heck they tell you to lay on it and try it out in the store, but the only way you can really know is by sleeping a full night. 

Anyway, I tried a simple technique a couple of weeks ago that has rendered amazing results every night since.  Here is the big reveal to this secret technique: I slept with a pillow between my legs!!!  Yeh I know you have probably heard of that before, and so have I.  And I actually had done it before back when I had lower back problems.  I just thought that the tightness and soreness I was having was more related to working out, but actually this whole time it has been related more to my bed.  And using this simple technique has made a true difference every morning.  ANd again, it wasnt a big issue, and I just thought it was something kind of normal.  So if you are having any kind of similar issues, try this technique.  It may be just what the doctor ordered.


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