Visualization – You will have to see it before you see it

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Someone sent me a funny picture this morning that reminded me of the power of visualization.  Visualization is something that God has given you and me in order for us to use it to progress in life.  Now look, dont discount this because you have heard it before.  Please read on and take heed to this.

So many people are held back in their health and lives because all they focus on is what they can “see” in the present.  If you want to go forward you are going to have to be able to “see” ahead.  You have to visualize what it is that you want to see in your life.  As you continue to visualize, or see, yourself as having reached that goal, then it builds you up in your heart and your mind.  You actually start to “believe” that not only you can accomplish the goal, but that you will.  ANd to take it one step further, truly successful people believe they are already successful before they “see” anything in their natural circumstances.  ANd that is a huge key in life success:  The ability to “see” it, and believe it before you actually see it. 

Most top level athletes in the world, if not all, use this technique all the time.  They actually visualize themselves winning at their event over and over.  This practice is just as important as the actual physical practice.  It is amazing how your mind, will, emotions, and body will lign up with what you consistently tell them and expect them to.  ANd no this is not a magic formula or a quick fix.  It takes consistency and commitment to keep going, seeing, believing, and doing no matter what the current circumstances may be.  All this is tied into faith and faith is what brings about health and life improvement.  The Bible is clear that faith without works is dead.  So realize that you can not visualize the right things, think the right thoughts, say the right words, and expect the desired results without the appropriate actions following.  So yes works are involved, but make sure you are not “trying” with good actions but no real faith that your plan is going to work.  That is close to being useless, like playing the lottery. 

Use this principle that HE has given you in your arsenal, visualization.  ANd use it wisely.  Realize that you and me actually use visualization everyday.  Unfortunately most use it without realizing it and they are constantly visualizing what they dont want to see: Failure, Defeat, Dissapointment.  But not you baby!!  You are one I know who will get on it dog’on it!!  So there you go.


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