85%+ of all Disease – Emotions play a part

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Check out this from the CDC that has been quoted by many researchers and authors: “..85% of all physical diseases have an emotional component;  ANd other experts claim that this number may be as high as 100%.”

We all understand that emotions can bring life or death on our physical bodies, literally.  But do we understand just how big this issue is.  Even the CDC, Center for Disease Control, has recognized how much power our emotions have and how big of a role they play in disease.  Yes there usually are other factors.  And many times one of the big factors is nutrition, but I believe it is definitely not the biggest factor. 

As you have heard me say many times before, you can get your exercise and nutrition going with excellence, but if you are not controlling your emotions (fear, stress, depression, bitterness, unforgiveness,etc.) all your efforts in the exercise and nutrition category will do you minimum good. 

And to keep this simple, again, emotions are a root cause in many if not all disease cases.  Science has proved for many years now that for every emotion you have there is a direct response in your physical body, mainly coming from hormonal responses.  Stress, which is fear based, is one of the biggies for most.  If you live in fear / STRESS everyday, then it is controlling you and wreaking havoc on your physical body.  God has provided a way through Christ to overcome stress.  1st and foremost He tells us directly that He did not give us a spirit of fear but of power love and a sound mind.  We do not have to fear/ stress.  Through you own power you can handle stress pretty good with lots of effort, but I dare say you will not overcome it all.  But through him He has already made you to overcome it all.  It has already been done and all you have to do really is to believe it and take it as yours.  Yes it is a process, but you literally can take control of your emotions, and yes you should take control.  Yes we all deal with these issues, but we were not designed to live under fear, stress, depression, bitterness, and unforgiveness.  These literally tear the body down and disease is often times the fruit from it.  Do yourself a huge favor and assess your life and recognize any out of control emotions, deal with them, get rid of them.  then stay on guard so as to not allow them to come back into your life.  Yes you can do it.  He has given you a complete right and responsibility. 


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