Go “All Natural”, live in fear?!

Friends and neighbors

I was just reading an article today about commonly used chemicals in mattresses, pillows, and other furniture.  These chemicals are being used more and more because they are the best to help the manufacturers meet the “fire resistance” guidelines.  These chemicals can and do enter into our bodies and are proven to cause some pretty rough stuff in our bodies.  Then I went on to reading about how harmful mercury is and how much leaches into our water sources and how little it takes to actually be harmful for our health.  Some of this info most of you already know, but it got my attention for one main reason, and this is a topic that we discuss a lot: Fear. 

Yes I believe we all have to be aware of our environment and aware of things that can cause us harm.  ANd one of our goals here at God-Built is to keep you informed about certain things that you should try to avoid.  You have to realize that we have to live in this world, if we plan on living.  And there are always going to be many things that we encounter that can be harmful.  What happens many times is the more people read and or find out, the more they get into Fear.  And that is not what you want.  Yes you absolutely should do your best to make improvements in your health and life.  Yes you should be proactive, but no you should absolutely not allow yourself to get into fear

I of course am a big believer in going the “all natural” and “holistic” route in health.  I am thankful to God for doctors and traditional medicine, but I believe these should be used on a limited basis, and only as absolutely necessary.  ONe thing I have seen with some people who lean heavily towards the “all natural” side of health is that they live in fear.  They are always worried about everything and anything to do with health.  And most of it has to do with all the info they recieve that tells of the harmful effects of foods, building materials, the air we breathe, etc.  And most of the time the info is correct and yes we should do what we believe in our hearts is the right thing to do to protect ourselves and our family.  But we must not allow this to cause us to fear.  That is not the way God wants us to live.  And at the same time I think we cant be stupid either and just discount the obvious.  It has been proven that WHAT YOU DONT KNOW, CAN HURT YOU!

My suggestion is to basically do your best to do what you already know you should be doing.  You continue to do better.  Take and assess any new information you get and decide what steps you need to take concerning the new info, if any.  And live in confidence that you are doing your best.  Trust that God inside you will instruct you to make the changes He knows you should take, then do it.  ANd the whole time make sure you do not allow yourself to get into fear.  You can do that, so just GET ON IT DOG’ON IT!!


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