Follow this list for a great weekend!

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I fully expect that you are going to have a great weekend.

Follow the checklist for a great one:  EXPECT to have a great one;  THINK AND SPEAK only those things that are worthy, kind, of good report;  LAUGH; RUN AND PLAY with your kids or friends; CONTROL your food, at least the quantity; CHOOSE TO SEE you how HE sees you.

And all that is pretty simple, and the results are great.  Stay on it, always expecting God’s best for you.  He wants it for you even more than you want it for you.  You know why?  HE is a GOOD DADDY!!!


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  1. Thanks so much kj, for all of your wonderful daily tips and inspirations!! I really enjoy your program and would love to help you in any way I can!!! Never hesitate to ask or put something out there that the diner may be able to help with!! KP

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