Simple twist to get more vegetables in your diet

Friends and neighbors

LeAnne has started doing something with the boys that is pretty neat.  It is not anything fancy or new.  It is basically, just Basic.  So to add more for you for this month of BASICS, here is what she has started doing for better nutrition for our boys.

She started adding a serving plate full of raw vegetables and fruit to go with our dinner at night.  The boys get to pick their vegetables and serve themselves.  This gets them involved and just adds a twist to it to make it more fun for the boys.  ANd it is amazing how well it works.  And yes we let them use dip, ranch to be specific.  We also had burgers the other night and ketchup (it is easy to find ketchup now with NO HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP), so David Ben decides to dip his broccoli in ketchup, and he liked it! 

So there is another Basic option for you that will help you and your family to get more whole fruits and vegetables.  As usual it doesn’t require anything real fancy or demanding in order to improve your health.


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