Be moved and die, dont be moved and live!

Friends and neighbors

One of my good friends was sharing a true story with me this morning.  Basically he shared that there were two groups of people who set out to reach a certain destination many years ago.  The two group leaders had the same goal but had 2 seperate plans for reaching there main goal.  Group 1 had set out and they determined that the conditions around them and the mental and physical condition of their group would determine how much or how little they did each dayGroup 2 determined that they would accomplish a set amount each day and they would stick to that amount no matter the outside or “inside” conditions.  Well the whole group from Group 1 died and never made their destination.  Group 2 made it.

That is a whole big lesson right there.  But I can imagine that you get the gist of what I want you to see here.  This is life and setting out to accomplish goals summed up here.  If you allow outside and “inside” conditions to determine what you do and dont do on a daily basis, you will more than likely never reach your goal.  When you set a goal, then set small daily goals to accomplish consistently, then you eventually get there.  Nuff said!!


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