Help to inspire more people!!

Friends and neighbors

I need some help here from you.  I want to know 2 things:  1.  What type of information do you look forward to getting the most from by way of our emails and posts?  2.  Knowing that the vision God has given us is literally “going into all the world teaching people who they are in Christ thru fitness”, what recommendation do you have for us to draw more people into our email data base? 

Yes I am still working on making more improvements to the website and getting closer to the point of being able to having daily workouts, videos, etc.  IN the mean time I need to know what it is that you like the most about the information we do give out.  Also I have a burning desire in my heart to help more people through this website with motivation, information, and inspiration.  So give me some ideas on how we can reach more people.  If you will, give your answers by commenting on this post.  THat way I can read it and we all can read and learn from it. 


2 responses to “Help to inspire more people!!”

    • DT thanks for that. ANd I appreciate you a whole bunch for your commitment to improving your health, your great example you set for all of us, and your support of God-Built.

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